Why are there duplicate groups showing on my task list?

When you assign a task to a group, we wrap it in a "Task Group Bucket". This is a convenient wrapper that lets you drag multiple tasks of the same group around at once, along with letting you quickly add new tasks of that group.

Your task list is ordered by priority. Tasks at the top logically should be worked on first. Tasks at the bottom are less important. Often, you'll linearly work through task groups. You might work on the "Home Page" first, and then move to the "About Page", and then the "Product Page". If you kept to this order, you'd have three task group buckets with a number of tasks in each.

However, projects aren't always executed this way. You might get most of the "Home Page" done, jump over to the "About Page", and then need to come back later to do something more on the "Home Page".

When this happens, you'll see  two "Home Page" task group buckets. This is intentional, because we create one bucket per set of sequential tasks of the same group. Any interruption in that sequence, and the bucket will be split apart. If you were to move a "Home Page" bucket alongside (either before or immediately after) another "Home Page" bucket, the two will merge together.