What are the available billing styles that I can choose from?

  • Hourly — You have a project rate, which can optionally be overwritten at the user level with a person rate. Any time logged on your project will increase your used budget by this rate. For instance, if you're billing $100 an hour and you log 30 minutes of time, we'll increase your used budget by $50.
  • Daily — You have a daily rate, which can be overwritten with a person rate. We'll increment the project budget with your first time log of the day, but subsequent time logs for a given day won't increase the budget expenditure.
  • Weekly — Same as daily, but we only increase the budget once per Monday - Sunday cycle.
  • Monthly — Same as daily/weekly, but we only increase the budget once per month.
  • Priced Per Task — Each task can have an assigned price. The total cost of a milestone/project will be the sum of all respective tasks.
  • Fixed Price —  Each milestone will have a set budget, regardless of the number of tasks. To create a fixed price project, create a project with one milestone that has a set budget.