What does it mean to have a task in review?

When a task is in review, it can't be worked on (meaning, no time can be tracked against it.)

It will appear in the "In Review" tab for your clients to review. Your clients will see the entire task and the details about the task (e.g., comments and updates), but they'll also see two large buttons: Approve or Request Changes.

Approving a task will move it from the review phase to approved, and it won't appear in the task list any longer unless you display approved tasks.

Requesting changes will ask the client to provide feedback (e.g., "Can you try making the logo bigger?") and then email the team with that feedback and move the task out of review and to the top of the task list.

When logged in as a team member, the Request Changes button will be replaced with a Return button, which removes the task from review and puts it at the top of the task list.