Controlling Which Task Your Time is Logged to In Integrated Time Trackers

If you need to log time to different tasks within Harvest, Paydirt, Freeagent, Freshbooks, or mite, you should use Planscope's "Task Groups" feature. When you set up an integration with a time tracker that supports tasks, you'll be able to link each Planscope Task Group with your time tracker's tasks:

After integrating with your time tracker app,

  1. Navigate to the "Manage" tab for your project
  2. Click the "Task Groups" menu item,
  3. Chose a "Remote task" for each Task Group
  4. Assign each task in your project a Task Group

If you either don't link the Task Group to a Remote Task or don't assign your task a Task Group, your time will be logged to the default that you chose in the "Project Settings" (under Manage).