How to get around

Often when starting a new application, there's a steep learning curve, starting with just knowing where everything is. To help get you started, we've put together an overview of Planscope to ease your transition.

A Quick Word about the Demo Projects

When you've just signed, up, we create 2 demo projects for you, and you'll see those on your Dashboard. If you're the impatient type, play around with those--especially the project, since that includes a walk-through of how to perform some of the most common operations in a Project (create a task, prioritize tasks, start a timer, add a comment...). 

Getting Your Bearings

Navigation (i.e. getting from one place in Planscope to another) is really important--without that, you'll feel pretty stuck and frustrated. Here's how to get around.

First, it's important to know that Planscope is divided into 3 main areas:

  1. The Dashboard area - think of this as where you can find the global, higher-level features that relate to getting work done, but across projects. You can manage your team, view their workload, and see a play-by-play of all the activity across all your projects. This is where you'll start after signing up and when you log in. To get from place to place, use the left-hand navigation bar (highlighted inside the red box below):
  2. The Project area(s) - this is where the "real" work gets done. You'll be in this area when you are working on or managing a particular project or estimate. Click on any project or estimate on the Dashboard to get here. You'll know you're in this area when you see the name of your project in the upper left corner of your screen:
  3. The Settings area - this is where you can manage your profile, your account, and your integrations. Click on your profile pic in the far upper right corner of your screen and choose "Settings" to get here. If you don't have a profile pick, you'll see this avatar:It's the default Gravatar--to change it, go to and either sign in or create a Gravatar account. It's a handy thing to have--lots of apps now use that as your profile picture, if one exists. Just a good way to tell who's done what in Planscope at a glance.

Getting to and Switching Projects

There are two main ways to get to a project.

  1. From the navigation menu: If you're already "in" a project and want to switch projects, just click on the project name in the upper left corner and choose the other project: 
  2. From the Dashboard: If you're not in a project, go back to the "Projects" Dashboard and choose a project. Click "Projects" in the left navigation bar and you'll get back to the Projects Dashboard, where there's a list of all of your projects and estimates and then choose the one you want:

Your Profile and Account

By clicking the "Settings" button by your profile avatar in the left navigation bar, you'll navigate to the Settings area. 

There, you can:

  1. Update your Profile
  2. Update your Company's Subscription (if you're the account owner)
  3. Add an integration with a 3rd party time tracker/invoicing application

Projects, Tasks and Timekeeping

This is the real bulk of the application, so for that, read on to the next topic,  Setting Up Your First Project